Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

In spite of the bonding materials new technologies  development,  welding  is still one of popular methods of the metals join. Appropriately designed, made and finished weld is able to surpass properties of materials combined and oneself in terms of its parameters. In many accidents it  is also a visible element on the product and it is deciding about the general beauty of the structure. In case of structures consisting of profiles and pipes we are using the modern method of cutting out with laser 3D,  thanks what the beauty and pressing up of elements are exceeding the trade standards for the product. Welding special insets cut out in profiles are ensuring the narrow tolerance of proper dimensions, as well as prevents of distortion coming into existence during the welding process.

Field of activity:

– welding steel constructions and aluminum
– welding the structure and elements with Gesture method / magus in the cover of
   inert  gases
– welding of elements of steel structural, rustless, of aluminum, and other
   non-ferrous metals with TIG method in the cover of inert gases (argon)
– we assure qualified VT2 inspections (visual examinations 2 - of it of step),
   MT2 (magnetic examinations 2 - of it of step) and UT (ultrasound examinations)
– pickling joints in stainless steels
– whole works under control of International International Welding Engineer (IWE)


The maximum dimensions of welded structures:

Length x Width x Height        10 x 3 x 2,5 m

The thickness of welded structures:

Stainless steel            10 mm
Steel                             20 mm
Aluminum                   10 mm