Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

Thanks to establishing the permanent cooperation with companies, which are usually dealing with the professional finishing the surfaces, we can offer to our customers the production of the part and devices that are ‘ready to use’. Below we are describing the scope of our organization activities. If you are searching for the appropriate finishing for yourself, get in touch with us, and we will help you to select the protecting in apposite manner, depending on requirements of the norm, own preferences or budget establishments.


Zinc-plated covers are demonstrating the greater corrosion resistance than not-galvanized metals to a couple of times. In case of damaging the surface, products of oxidizing zinc will be slowing the further oxidation down. Covers are resistant for blows mechanical, erosion or wiping off ensuring good rustproof properties . The galvanizing is one of most willingly exploited ways of protecting against the corrosion thanks good properties and minimum price.

Zinc-plated covers according to PN ISO 4042 norm, PN EN ISO 2081, PN EN 12329 as well as with trade norms as: BMW, Fiat, VW.



Phosphatic coatings are widely applicable in the process of preparing the surface of steel elements. They are improving the corrosion resistance and are increasing the adhesion of next varnish layers. They can also constitute layers safeguarding against wiping off or are sewn-on in order to facilitate the cold process of the plastic working. Moreover they are applied to electrotechnical purposes as insulation layers. A chemical composition of the coating is deciding on the specific allocation.

Phosphatic coatings according to the EN 12476 norm, of DIN 50942 as well as with trade norms: Fiat, VW


An anodizing is manufacturing processes of the coating of the aluminum oxide on aluminum substrates. They are fulfilling the protective function before extrinsic factors, even for such aggressive factors as acid rains or salt water. This coatings  on account of the increased resistance are suitable for outside applications. A hard anodizing is also possible, which in comparing to conventional anode coating on aluminum  process, it is thicker and have a far better wearability. Depending on the kind and the state of initial material achieved thicknesses of coatings are suiting µm in period 25 - 250 µm.


Nickeling is performed to rustproof, decorative, as well as technological purposes as base for other electroplatings finish. They are most often carried out on steel objects, and the most durable covers are being reached covering steel at first with thick layer of copper, as middleware about the better adhesion both to steel, as well as nickel, and then with thinner layer of nickel. Next in coatings such a system of layers serves the best quality as base for the chromium plating.
Nickel-plated covers are characterized by a little bit worse appearance than chromium platings (worse sheen, possibility of faint discolourations), with the lower corrosion resistance and the weaker mechanical strength, however are cheaper.

Wet Painting:

Painting wet is a traditional method of putting painting covers which is ensuring the corrosion protection as well as is giving the appropriate appearance. Access to modern paints and the equipment cause that the quality of the coating is very high. Painted elements are characterized by rustproof better properties. Painting wet is suitable particularly for big elements or machines which it isn't possible to apply powder paint  and later to warm up in highest temperatures on account of the equipment put in.

Powder painting:

The powder painting is one of most economic and long-lasting methods of protecting the surface. It is being preceded by the process of chemical cleaning,  thanks to what the varnish cover made is characterized by a very good quality and an endurance of mechanical and atmospheric factor. We powder painting used with the modern varnish cabin and the convection kiln with working dimensions: 3.0 m of length, 1.80 m of the height, 1.2 m of the width. Wide range of powder paints o choose from (Tiger, IGP, Axon Nobel, Pulverit, Pulver, Arsonsisi). They are facade, structural paints (small and thick structure), smooth paints (from the matte finish to the sheen) which let get a lot of final effects.