Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

Polymers are gaining the more and more great significance in the everyday life. Not only for advertising elements, or casings, but more and more often (thanks to the development of these materials) the most responsible elements of machines. Unique combination of features like the endurance, chemical resistance, whether temperature lets polymers replace traditional materials as steel or aluminum. In many fields polymers not only let lower costs, but also are becoming irreplaceable material if we are searching for materials having a lot of unique features. Pads or polymer bearings are successfully replacing metal elements of machines, eliminating the problems of the lubrication or the too fast wear and tear thanks to.

Field of activity:

We are cutting out from most available materials as: plexi, acrylic, polycarbonate, paper, balsa, skin and other which it is possible to incise with the laser. The high-speed laser with big working field is ensuring the best quality of the edge, and the 100% repetitiveness. Behind the help industrial laser marking machines GALVO we can engrave any graphics on elements earlier cut out. Elements are characterized by a very high contrast, impossible for getting by lasers with the help of the linear, available in most of the laser types.

The maximum dimensions of processed materials:

Worktable:              1500 x 2500 mm


Plexi                                   -  190 mm
Policarbonate                  -  190 mm
Plywood                            -  190 mm
Balsa                                  -  190 mm
Other materials                -  on request

Maximum dimensions
of the labeling: 
                  -  200 x 300 mm