Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

Laser processing is one of the most efficient methods of processing the metal sheets, thanks to which we can cut any shapes out in one production cycle we want. The laser ray is concentrated in one point is burning metal from very big accuracy, thanks to what edges left don't require further processing. In case of cutting in thin metal sheets we are exploiting the FiberLaser technology which is increasing the speed of processing and the quality of the edge. We are using the technology of the CO2 laser which deals better the largest thicknesses with for coarser metal sheets. Thanks to advanced engineering programs we also offer possibility of cutting out holes, of which the diameter is smaller from the thickness of the metal sheet, without the phenomenon occurring in such accidents of chamfering oneself of holes.

Field of activity:

We offer comprehensive services in processing of metal sheets. Our company provides services of the laser cutting for the best quality and of bending on modern CNC presses. Innovative technologies applied in our machines allow to get the best quality and the repetitiveness in components carried out to relatively low price. We have possibility of chamfering cinders in order to adapt them to welding requires what considerably shortening preparing the process of welding. Additionally we can delegate the cinder to the deburring process in order to remove the scale incurred in materials for thicknesses above 10 mm.


The maximum dimensions of processed materials:

Worktable:                2000x6000 mm


Stainless steel                -  30 mm
Steel                                -  20 mm
Aluminum                      -  20 mm
Cooper                            -  10 mm
Brass                               -  10 mm