Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

The electromachining found the wide application in the industry at processing of machinery parts carried out of hard cutting materials and folded geometrical shapes. Applying this method of processing is also economically justified for producing the machinery part of easy cutting materials , but about very complex geometry. This technology is widely used in the engineering industry for producing special tools of all kinds and the technological instrumentation, as:  forging matrices.  an injection moulds, chills and moulds, cutting tools and stamps, tools of cemented carbides and polycrystalline diamond (PKD), machining devices and so on. It is widely applied in the aircraft industry and rocket industry for processing of the part of heat resistant alloys, as: spatulas of turbines and compressors.

Field of activity:

We are processing difficult to cut materials as cemented carbides, alloy steels, difficult-removable steels and all materials conducting the electric current. During the process of electroerosion it is possible to get complicated shapes with the very good surface quality. Thanks to moving heads we can cut in 5 axes  getting the ready detail in one production cycle.

The maximum dimensions of processed materials:

Max Length x Width x Height:  400 mm  x 500 mm x 200 mm