Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

Responsible welded structures require many examinations and analyses before a production process starts. Based on long-term experiences we are designing or we are supporting the work in outside companies. Welded structures which already have drawn up welding documentation let appear not only in new requiring markets, but also get higher profit margin. Certificate possession lets to get new business partners if the welding processes. The whole works is under the supervisory  of  International Welding Engineer (IWE) body. 

Scope of action:

- technical support of the construction,
- technological and construction consulting,
- control of newly arising welding documentation,
- drawing up welding documentation,
- support in sub-suppliers audits
- analysis of norms and trade requirements,
- supporting in non-destructive testing (VT, PT),
- drafting plans of repairs and welding amendments,
- drafting reports.

Enforcing norms and the certification for welding

If you are at the stage of the certification of the welding processes or you are preparing for your welding certification our company offers the comprehensive support during the whole process. Depending on the level of the certification (C1, C2, C3,....) we offer support at preparing documentation and procedures needed for obtaining the certificate, as well as we are creating the most fitted to needs of the specific unit solutions.