Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

We are dealing with designing for companies which need the technical support at submitted projects, or lacking own structural offices. We are usually carrying a lot of elements out with various technologies which let us acquire experience in the part and machines design. During design, works requirements of the customer, trade norms and a simplicity of the workmanship are our main assumption. But it is not everything! At every stage we are trying the manufacturing process of designed machines to be like least energy-intensive, and as a result cheaper in producing. One from priority of our structural office is implementing the statement into force: design and make. Such an approach lets us take into account not only technical aspects, but also the control of all stages from design establishments to the finished product. The stage of the validation is one of important components, because thanks to it the most feedbacks are received. It can be used for improving the final good. In our company all these stages are in one place what the time is shortening from designing for the ready spectacle solutions. We are also cooperating with specialists which professionally are dealing with the industrial design. It lets us not only design and produce machines, but also attract the attention and the interest to our services.

Field of activity:

– machines and devices design,
– 3D visualizations
– air, hydraulic and electric installation
– modernizations of the existing designs,
– outsourcing in creating of documentation 2D from files 3D
– creating the instruction of the machinery operation