Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

CNC Turnings revolutionized the market of turner's services  ensuring the unattainable quality and the speed of processing compared with conventional machine tools. In one operation it is possible rolling as well as also threading of the worked objects. Thanks  for driven tools also operations of the milling are possible at the same time. For instance the propeller shaft which the experienced operator of the conventional lathe carried out 4 hours we are able to make in 8 minutes in the very narrow tolerance limit. It is being transferred of course into the price of final goods and the immutable quality in every produced element.

Field of activity:

We are processing most of available materials on the market such as stainless steels, constructional steel, aluminum, other non-ferrous metals and technical polymers. Thanks to applied processing on CNC machines we are ensuring the excellent surface quality, as well as very narrow tolerance limits of proper dimensions. Each of produced elements is passing the 100% quality checks, completed by measuring cards what results in the guarantee of satisfaction.


The maximum dimensions of processed

- Ø turning diameter = 465 mm; max. lenght = 1030 mm