Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

The CNC milling is an irreplaceable way for the very fast workmanship of 3D elements  which require processing in many plains. Speed of processing, advanced milling cutters which they let gather together in one transition far more, are lowering material time  execution of the detail. Getting of very accurate 3D parts  is an undoubted advantage of the CNC milling, of which the workmanship wasn't in order to possible on conventional milling machines.

Field of activity:

We are milling in many available materials so as: constructional steel, stainless steels, aluminium, bronze as well as technical polymers which thanks to their properties in many fields are replacing traditional metals. A lot of available milling cutters, and the strong milling head are ensuring the very good surface quality and considerably a time is shortening processing. Worked elements are characterized by an accuracy of carrying the millimeter out to the hundredth parts towards design assumptions. The possibility of threading thanks to the special head is ensuring the very good quality of the thread impossible to get during manual processing.

The maximum dimensions of processed materials:

Length x Width x Height: 1020 mm x 540 mm x 510 mm