Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

Cutting out is one of the most efficient methods of processing thin metal sheets which is working particularly at the production on average and multiple serial. Specially designed cutting tools  are hitting the metal sheet with the speed even up to 600 times per the minute, thanks to what the time of producing one art of the element is much lower than, at laser cutting out. It is an undoubted advantage of fine cutters is possibility  of bending, bending slightly, and embossing an air ducts whether rib strengthening in one production cycle. Elements cut out don't have a characteristic scale which is rising in laser cutting out, as well as thanks to special cutting tools are lacking ridges and of splinters. Thanks to that in one operation of cutting out we can get the ready in the 100% element for the further production.ent do dalszej produkcji.

Advantages of cutting out:

– Cutting out with CNC on the modern TruPunch 1000 machine
– Optimum process for sheets of metal sheets to the thickness of 8 mm
– High usage of the material
– Substantial amount of available universal tools
– Forming of subbendings, creases and strengthening creases
– Higher speed of cutting out
– The minimal thermal deformations from the warmth
– Lack ridges on edges

The maximum dimensions of sheet:

2050 x 1250 mm

Max. 6,4 mm


Stainless steel