Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

PDM Technics was born from the growing demand on more and more accurate and cheaper in the production mechanical elements of metals and plastics. We are approaching this subject a bit differently from the mainstream. It is the maximum optimization of production processes idea that is motivating us -  SMART Engineering. This method allows reduce production time,  reducing the number of waste, and of course the final price for product. We know how the time is important, therefore we are cooperating with our customers delivering not only mechanical elements, the design support, but also the full service of projects comprehensively to the customers. At every stage of the process, whether this design, or producing elements oneself we are pointing with Lean Manufacturing philosophy, that lets us limit costs to the minimum.

As part of services in cooperation as the galvanizing, nickeling, wet painting  and the powder painting we are able to provide the final product finished to the freely indicated colour, along with secure undercoats.

Thanks  to cooperation with us  you can get rid of  the logistic problems coming along with ordered from the distance elements.  You will find everything in one place: in PDM Technics!


We are inviting for the cooperation!

PDM Technics team