Biuro konkstukcyjno-produkcyjne

We are machining pipes and profiles on the laser with the rollers. It is incomparably faster and more accurate method of processing compared with the conventional method. The execution time of the complicated element is being counted in seconds, rather than in hours how, it is taking place in some cases using other processing methods.
Very much a best quality of worked areas which doesn't require further finishing is one of important factors. Every burnt down element (pipes, profiles) can be marked with unique number for the identification purposes e.g. serial number, number of the element, material certificate.
In case of frames creating it is possible to obtain special insets, thanks to which we can fold them as Lego blocks. It decrease required time before the welding, as well as is ensuring the very narrow tolerance of dimensions of the finished product.
All these factors lead to the lowest costs of producing the ready element. methods.

Field of activity:

We are machining profiles and pipes of steel black, rustless, bronze of brass and aluminum. Profiles must not have equal sides, and cut out shapes have accuracy of positioning up to 0.01 mm!
Possibility of processing of die, sights and try squares.

The maximum dimensions of processed materials:

Profiles: mm x mm x mm mm  mm mm.
Pipes: mm mm, długości 6 m i ściance mm mm.